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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Bobby Hill optioned

In a very depressing note, Bobby Hill was sent to Indy tonight after the game. On a brigher note, it was so that we could call up Brad Eldred. Honestly, Hill is one of the last bench players I would have wanted to see get sent down. Tike or Restovich should not be on our team and Vogelsong could use some real innings instead of these practical jokes Lloyd likes to play on him like "see if you can pitch when we're down 10 without it shattering your confidence, but then I'll bench you with 2 outs in the 9th." I don't know what it is that Hill ever did to Lloyd or DL or McClatchy or whomever he pissed off, but he plays way better than his playing time indicates. On another note, does this mean a Ward trade is looming?


Thursday, July 14, 2005

I actually have some time to post today

There have been a bunch of hot topics in Pirate-dom lately, including the trading deadline, "clutch hitting" or if it even exists, pitching woes, and so on. Naturally I've got a lot to say about all of it and upon starting this entry I promptly forgot everything. Most of what I've said has been covered in various other blogs, and since I haven't posted in a long time some of it will be old news, but it's new from me to you.

First off, the trade deadline. DL says we'll be sellers, and I say we sell off as many players as we can possibly manage to get rid of. Lawton is highest on my list of people we need to dump, mostly because of his salary but also because of his unbelievable lack of skill running the bases and fielding. I'm sick of watching pop-ups fall right in front of him while Castillo and even Ward have made huge efforts to run halfway to the right field wall trying to chase these things down. Plus we're paying him well over $7,000,000. Since his only good attribute is his bat, that makes him highly overpaid. Get rid of him while we can still get something for him. I'd also be willing to part with Kip Wells, because while he is occasionally good he is also often bad. Everybody knows that as soon as he goes somewhere else he'll become a fantastic pitcher, so let's all hope that he lands in the AL somewhere, or at least out of the NL Central. He should be able to land someone decent in a trade, hopefully a young bat. I will also trade Mark Redman. After the start he had to the season I never would have wanted to get rid of him, but he's cooled down rapidly and has decided that his option isn't good enough, so he's going to want more money than we should give him. I don't think we'll be able to get anybody fantastic for him, but we should at least be able to get some quality farm guys which we desperately need right now. Now that Craig is back, I'd also like to have some offers for Ward. I have started to like him a lot this year, recent power outage aside. His defense is improved, his patience at the plate is much better, and he actually turned out to be a decent guy. If he's willing to stick around for the great price we're paying him now (somewhere around $950,000) then I'd be ok with keeping him, but if he starts to want more and more money I feel like we could find somebody else, or perhaps start calling up the younger folk like Eldred.

The lineup I'd like to see as we start the second half:
1) Freddy Sanchez, 3B
2) Jose Castillo, 2B
3) Jason Bay, LF
4) Craig Wilson, 1B
5) Rob Mackowiak, CF
6) Ryan Doumit, RF
7) Humberto Cota, C
8) Jack Wilson, SS
9) Pitchers: Perez (if he can get himself together, Snell if not), Duke, Redman, Fogg, Williams

Obviously there will be platooning, Ward at first and myriad lumps in the outfield (Redman, Restovich, perhaps Lawton if we have to keep him) but I think that's the lineup that puts our best guys on the field. There's no reason that that lineup couldn't run at .500 or even a little bit better. I don't see us getting to .500 for the season when all is said and done, but we can be close. If we manage wisely through the deadline and when the roster expands, we'll have a number of skilled, ready-to-go guys for next year.

We still have a lot of talent coming up in Paulino, Eldred, Bautista, Gorzelanny, De Caster, Koonce, Duffy, Mclouth, and others. Not to mention that stud Ty Wigginton. Who, by the way, strikes out roughly 22% of the time against AAA pitching. We have two guys at Lynchburg who are ripping the cover off the ball: Adam Boeve (OF) is hitting .313 with an OPS of .957, and Pat Magness (OF) is hitting .300 with an OPS of .991.

Andrew McCutchen watch: in 12 games, he has 42 ABs, is batting .333 and has an OPS of .916.

As we enter the second half, I think most Pirates fans are hoping to just get the young guys some playing time, as our chances of actually contending for anything other than pride are pretty bad. I see no real need to keep Lloyd as our manager unless we're looking for a team cheerleader, because he's not good at much else like managing a baseball game. Of course a new manager would mean we'd have to start the rebuilding process all over againbut at least we'd have some promise for the future. I like Lloyd, I really do, but I don't think that he's a very intelligent manager. Actually, come to think of it, I'd like to get rid of pretty much everybody from Lloyd up, but if that happened we wouldn't really have a team anymore, so I guess we'll have to take what we can get.


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Checking in

I haven't been able to update for some time, mostly due to the new job that keeps me busy all day instead of having a lot of time to sit around and research stats etc. I haven't even been watching quite as much, so I just haven't had much to update with.

That said, I still have some things to go over. First and foremost, this calls for a nice, general "OUCH." Just everything. Hitting .500 then going 5-15, Ollie breaking his toe in a very Kevin Brown-esque move, losing 12-1 to the Phillies, the list goes on.

I was at the game Monday, and here are some things I noticed:
1) It's waaaaay too hot in Pittsburgh, and also far too humid. Somebody should fix that.
2) Tike Redman was, is, and will continue to be an absolutely awful fielder.
3) Matt Lawton apparently DOES know how to try in the outfield, he just usually chooses not to.
4) Michael Restovich is worthless, although he does have a pretty decent arm.
5) Lloyd STILL has no idea how to manage his baseball team when it comes to who should get playing time and where. Some things never change, I suppose.
6) There were still a ton of people at the game when it was 12-1 in the bottom of the 9th. I think this says something about both the Pirates and the fans.

More later on, whenever time allows.


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Ollie to the DL

Oliver Perez pulled a Kevin Brown with his foot and a laundry cart in St. Louis, landing him on the 15-day DL with a broken toe. I know it's been a frustrating year for him, but that's the last thing he needs is to start breaking things. On the bright side, this gives us a chance to call up Nate Mclouth, and means that Ian Snell will probably get a chance to start.


Saturday, June 25, 2005

A Welcome Diversion

Here's a welcome diversion from the travesties in New York, Boston, and now St. Louis. This article about Dock Ellis is an EXCELLENT read and I highly recommend it for all Pirates and/or LSD fans out there. Enjoy


Saturday, June 18, 2005

At least there's still somebody in America with a sense of decency

Thank God... this was ridiculous and disgusting from the very beginning.


Thursday, June 16, 2005

As last night was a heartbreaker, the only way to write about it is with awful poetry. The game as a series of Haikus:

Sanchez is the man
A great return for Suppan
We got Gonzo, too.

What a great combination
Double play city.

Mark Redman pitched well
Too bad it won't count for him
Since we messed it up.

A-rod's a sissy
He plays like a little girl
Look out David Ross!

I'd like to point out:
A-rod earned in two at-bats
What we paid for Ross.

The streak's still going
We got our extra-base hits
From Jack and Jason.

Rick White still scares me
I wouldn't want to meet him
In a dark alley.

Jason found his swing
First time since Cincinnati
Worthless. Thanks Mesa.

Sheffield was not safe
Mesa didn't do his job
So long victory.

Why, Lloyd McClendon?
Mesa can't handle pressure
I know you know this.

Screw you, Giambi
I could hit a ball that far
If I were on 'roids.