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Monday, May 30, 2005

20 reasons why we should beat Al Leiter

1) Because if we don't win, I just might cry.
2) Because he's 2-5.
3) Because his ERA is 6.91.
4) Because Mark Redman is pitching.
5) Because Redman is 3-4.
6) Because Redman's ERA is 3.15.
7) Because Leiter walks more people than he strikes out.
8) Because his opp. BA is higher against lefties than it is against righties (.314/.270) despite being a lefty himself.
9) Because the guy who is undeniably our best bat right now is a lefty, ergo giving him a favorable matchup.
10) Because Leiter's ERA is even higher in day games than it is in night games (7.36/6.75).
11) Because he's managed to have 0 scoreless outings and has yet to strike out more than 4.
12) Because he's also managed to give up 8 runs twice, much like our pal from Saturday, Eric "no really, I WANT you to hit it out" Milton
13) Because Leiter has walked as many as 6 batters in a single outing, and has yet to walk none.
14) Because Jason Bay is the man, and has found his swing again.
15) Because Leiter used to be a Yankee, and the Yankees suck.
16) Because over the course of his career, Leiter's ERA has been higher in May than in all other months but October (when he's pitched only 4 games.)
17) In fact, May is by and large his worst month of the season throughout his entire career.
18) Because he dominated Jason Kendall, who sucks and is now gone, giving us a better chance at hitting him.
19) Because we've been bouncing back and forth between big games and games where we can't score at all, and after yesterday we're due for a big game.
20) Because if we don't win, I just might cry.



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