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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Bucs/Cards game 3 preview

So we're going back for one more beating tonight. Not the "we got whooped 20-0" kind of beating, the "hey look, we've got a chance....we've got a chance....we've got a chance.....hey look, we'll screw up and blow it at the last second" kind of beating.

Mark Redman vs. Mark Mulder. A battle of ex-Oakland Marks. Should be a pitching duel much like the last two games have been (granted that's only because our offense hasn't been able to knock runs in.) Redman has been pretty fantastic over his last few starts. His K/BB ratio isn't exactly overpowering, but he just isn't letting people on base. Fortunately for us, he's also been running deep into games (2 CG's in his last 4 starts, 12.1 innings in the other 2,) so that means our bullpen won't have to handle much work. If our offense can manage to string a few hits together to get us a few runs, that'd be fantastic. There's no reason we couldn't have won both of the last 2 games, so it's about time for us to take one. As long as we're not subject to any more Lloydmanagement then I won't even feel the urge to hurt/mame anybody. No more trying to bunt people over with Tike, no more hit-and-runs with high-percentage strikeout guys batting, no more bizarre lineups (Wigs should be in tonight, sadly).

As soon as Jack gets his game together, this team is going places. Oh, and as soon as Tike forgets to look both ways crossing the street and gets nailed by a vehicle in the bus lane. Then we're golden.



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