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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Craig Wilson Treatment

So what exactly was the point of trading for Mike Restovich? So that he could sit on the bench and watch Tike Redman be utterly AWFUL at the plate? Why are we sequestering Ryan Doumit at AAA and allowing Dave "Mendoza" Ross to suck up at-bats. Why have Freddy Sanchez and Bobby Hill's appearances dropped of faster than Ja Rule? Why does Mackowiak continue to get appearances only at second and barely ever third?

It's the Lloyd McClendon-patented "Craig Wilson Treatment," named for the first victim.

This treatment is reserved for so-called "players without a position." The Pirates organization has an unhealthy obsession with defense. Tike, Wigginton, etc get the majority of starts because they seem to be built to play the position. The Pirates, however, can't afford to keep superior offensive players on the bench to to average or mediocre defensive skills at such a position. Restovich has better career stats and has the build of a power hitter, but he is not a natural centerfielder so the Pirates keep him on the bench except for select scenarios. Mackowiak has power and has improved his obp this year; Bobby Hill is an obp machine; but they are not natural third basemen so they get the bench in favor of Wigginton. Jack has been slumping for the entire year, but he's a "proven veteran" so obp/ops machine Sanchez gets the bench. Doumit has the talent to hit major league pitchers, but he is below average in defense--so he has to stay at AAA.

If these players looked like naturals at their positions, then they would be our starters. An offensively-challenged team like the Pirates can't afford to let defense take precedent over the offense. It's time for Restovich in center, Mackowiak at third, and significant Sanchez at SS. Don't keep them on the bench for too long like you did to Craig, Lloyd.



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