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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Lloyd says something shocking

I was reading Dejan's article for today and about fell out of my chair...Lloyd publicly acknowledged that Bobby Hill is indeed on the roster. He even (and this is amazing, I know) said that he might try to start him sometime soon. Lloyd's brilliant managerial mind (see, this is why we can't be managers, we don't understand how to run a team like this):
"Having gotten Sanchez a start for the first time since May 13, McClendon next wants to get one for Bobby Hill, perhaps this weekend. Hill has not started since May 4. "You can't expect those guys to just sit on the bench, then come up and get big hits for us," McClendon said."
I know what you're thinking - 'what, you can't keep guys on the bench for 3 weeks and then expect them to be your best batter? I never knew that!' Well, join the club, because I always thought that the longer they sat, the better they became.

At least he's admitting that they need to play and he's actually playing them, I guess I shouldn't complain too much.



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