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Friday, May 27, 2005

Ramon Ortiz: A brief overview of tonight's opposing pitcher

Tonight we match Josh Fogg against Ramon Ortiz. A righty with 6 years in the league, at quick glance his stats provide little to be afraid of. So far this year he's compiled a 1-3 record, and has made it out of the 6th inning only once. I don't know if his longevity is poor or if he just keeps getting pulled because he sucks, but his highest pitch count on the year is 100. His ERA this year is 5.40, but don't be fooled - after his first game it was 1.80, and its been awful ever since. After that first game, he has given up one home run and at least two games every time he's pitched, which is a total of 25 innings in 5 starts. Not exactly overpowering or a master of control, his K/BB ratio this year is 14/11. He's pretty easy to hit, giving up 5 or more hits in each of his 6 starts this year, and his split against right/left handed batters is .383/.328. So he doesn't fair quite as well against righties, but I'm really hoping that that doesn't keep Lloyd from playing Mackowiak. If we were talking about a difference of 150 points, I would understand, but .328 is nothing to sneeze at in terms of opponent BA, and given that Mackowiak has the hottest bat in baseball this month (see the Dejan link below) I see no reason to not play him. Of course I, along with many other people, have felt that way for a year and a half now, so who knows. If Tike and Ty are going to keep hitting the ball like they have been of late, I suppose I can't really complain about them being in the lineup. Although that doesn't mean that I have to like them.



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