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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Worthless blathering about how we should beat Eric Milton tonight

Yesterday I wrote up my summary of Ramon Ortiz and essentially came to the conclusion that we should be able to hit up and down the field. Suffice to say, such was not the case and really only Mackowiak got to him with the 3-run homer in the third. Of course this wasn't enough for Fogg, and he had to go and blow the game, and well....don't get me started on the rest, it makes me feel bad for Freddy Sanchez.

Tonight we're going against Eric Milton, the NL leader in homers allowed. We faced Milton on April 21, and Bay hit his first homer off of him. We put up 3 runs on 5 hits in 5 innings, walking twice and striking out once. I'm going to say this here and now, a bold prediction if you will: we WILL score at least 2 runs off of Milton. There, I said it. So far this year, he's yet to manage a scoreless outing, and has given up only 1 run once (technically if you go by EARNED runs he's done it 3 times.) He gives up an average of 4 runs/start, and his ERA for the season is 6.32. He tends to fair better against lefties than righties (.256/.302 opp. BA, respectively) and neither of those numbers indicates that we'll be getting tons of hits. He has a pretty good K/BB ratio of 33/14, so I'd expect a few whiffs from the likes of Bay and Ward since they'll be reaching for the longball against him.

On a mildly related side note, Milton is from State College, which only makes me want to beat him more. GO PANTHERS!



Blogger Leeeny said...

Technically speaking, Milton is from Bellefonte, not State College. But it's still PSU stomping grounds, and we lit him up anyway.

11:19 PM  

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