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Thursday, June 16, 2005

As last night was a heartbreaker, the only way to write about it is with awful poetry. The game as a series of Haikus:

Sanchez is the man
A great return for Suppan
We got Gonzo, too.

What a great combination
Double play city.

Mark Redman pitched well
Too bad it won't count for him
Since we messed it up.

A-rod's a sissy
He plays like a little girl
Look out David Ross!

I'd like to point out:
A-rod earned in two at-bats
What we paid for Ross.

The streak's still going
We got our extra-base hits
From Jack and Jason.

Rick White still scares me
I wouldn't want to meet him
In a dark alley.

Jason found his swing
First time since Cincinnati
Worthless. Thanks Mesa.

Sheffield was not safe
Mesa didn't do his job
So long victory.

Why, Lloyd McClendon?
Mesa can't handle pressure
I know you know this.

Screw you, Giambi
I could hit a ball that far
If I were on 'roids.



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