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Friday, June 10, 2005

Ron Cook discusses Daryle Ward

For once, I can say that Ron Cook wrote an article that doesn't totally suck. This one's about Daryle Ward and his contributions to the team this year. I will say that it's a bit cheeky, but overall it's not a bad piece of writing. It wasn't an extremely lengthy article, so there's not much sense in summarizing what you could read in 10 extra seconds, but I will highlight two paragraphs that I liked to read:

It helps that Ward is a top-shelf guy. He has been better in the clubhouse than even Virdon predicted. And get this: Ward wanted to stay with the Pirates after last season. How often, in the past quarter century or so, has anyone wanted to be here?
"If a guy like Mesa was willing to stay ..." Ward said.
"We felt good about the Pirates. We both believed we could make a difference on this ball team."

"I grew up with money my whole life," said Ward, the son of Gary Ward, who played 12 seasons in the big leagues. "It's not like I have to be the highest-paid guy on the team."

I almost hate to say it, but this makes me like Ward even more. He knows he could go get a lot more money from another team if he keeps his numbers where they are, but it seems like he wants to stick around. Which is admirable.



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