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Monday, June 13, 2005

Saturday night's game, as witnessed from 330 S 6

A game late, I know, especially given our disgusting loss yesterday. I'll save you the pain of reading a rant about every great moment of the game, because there were too many to write about without making a 20 page post. That said, here's some of what went on:

Oliver Perez was amazing. This is the second time I've seen him pitch since coming back from his hiatus at the beginning of May (the first was against the Rockies a month ago.) Needless to say, he was way better Saturday night than against the Rockies, and he was pretty good against the Rockies. He wasn't doing his praying mantis "I'm about to K your ass" move very much, which was nice because usually when he does it he ends up walking the guy or something. The one time he did do it, Eduardo Perez got kinda pissed off and said something to Cota about it. Ollie then blew one right past him for strike 3. For the record, the walk, last 2 hits, and only run that Ollie gave up all came in the 7th when nobody particularly cared, so I don't hold them against him. Did I mention that he struck out 10 guys?

Obviously the offense was really clicking. I (in addition to most everybody else) was a little nervous about facing Scott Kazmir, but as it turns out he's mortal like everybody else. Just about everybody was piling on, and Cota was the last guy to get a hit (on his fourth AB, which probably came somewhere around the 2nd inning.) With Zach keeping a scorecard, it was pretty easy to follow one ridiculously amazing statistic: We were one batter shy of batting around THREE DIFFERENT TIMES in this game (8 batters in the 1st, 11 in the 5th, and 10 in the 8th.) In the 5th and 6th innings combined, we had 19 batters step into the box. 9 of them scored. It was one of those games where every hit just made it more ridiculous than the last. Definitely something fun to watch.

In the 8th, we met up with Dana (of news-breaking fame from WHYGAVS) and I got to hear the story of how she met Jack Wilson and Daryle Ward in the parking lot after Friday night's game. I was hoping that she possessed some sort of Pirates magnetic force that would bring them back again, but sadly such was not the case. Nice going Dana.

Regardless, it was a fun time. We managed to get in 3 hours of tailgating before the rains came, and the thunderstorm hit just as we entered the stadium. It was entirely too hot, and it was so humid you couldn't across the river very well. Got to see our Bucco's score the most runs they've scored since 1992. Got to see Perez pitch another beauty, and I got to see Doumit play which was nice.

For the record: Sanchez' 2-out RBI in the 5th was his 10th on the year. All 10 have come with two outs.

For what it's worth: Mackowiak hit fairly well against the lefties, and with Sunday's first AB he met the AB qualification for NL AVG. leaders. He's currently 2nd.

Worth mentioning again: Perez didn't walk anybody until the 7th, when it wasn't worth trying to throw strikes.

Also noteworthy: He (Ollie) was hitting 96 on the gun, which didn't seem to be dialed up a few MPH for once.

On the offensive side: Jose Castillo went 3-5 with 5 RBI (including a 3 run HR) after batting .147 over the first 10 days of June.

Back to defense: We turned 3 double plays, and going into Sunday's game we had 12 over our last 5 games. Looks like the defense is back in Pittsburgh.



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