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Friday, June 03, 2005

That said, I do have some thoughts....

I was halfway through typing out a rant in the comments section of Rowdy's blog when I decided that I should just make my own here. You know, since this technically is where I'm supposed to do such things.

Lloyd has been impressive of late, in terms of not totally ruining games for us. The lineups he had on the field at the beginning of the week were fantastic. I always get a little nervous when they go around the lineup, just waiting for them to include such curse words as "Tike Redman," "Ty Wigginton," and "Michael Restovich." All of these players are capable of having a good game, but they're more capable of ruining an otherwise perfectly fine lineup. These last few lineups (last night notwithstanding, as it unfathomably included all three of the aforementioned curses) have been lineups I was happy with, almost proud of. I thought, "Now THIS is a lineup we can win with." And what do you know, we did.

But then Lloyd decided that we're not allowed to have "winning streaks" and "series sweeps" and the like. He decided that no matter how bad Ty Wigginton is, Rob Mackowiak should sit on the bench because he doesn't hit as well against lefties as he does against righties. You'll note that he still hits better against lefties than Ty does against anybody, but that's another story for another day. Inexplicably, however, with Sanchez at third and Wigginton at first, Lloyd decides that Tike Redman is the solution to our mostly solid defense lately. Can't have error-free games now, can we? Of course Tike has to go and have a productive game, including a stand-up triple. This does nothing but solidify Lloyd's idea that he's a suitable platoon man with Mackowiak in center. An idea that frequently benches the man who was statistically the best hitter in the league in the month of May.

I'll admit, when we signed Restovich I was a little hesitant but I felt good about it. We were picking up a guy with proven power numbers, and with Craig on the DL, power was definitely something we needed. I figured he could surely prove wrong the 3 teams that had already cut him this year by showing up and crushing the ball into the river a few times. Needless to say, the only thing he's crushed up to this point is a rally, grounding into double plays several times. Last night he killed a major rally by popping up on the first pitch after Willis was showing signs of serious control issues (walked 2 in a row, including walking in a run.) But "fie on your 'patience,'" said Restovich. "I'd rather just get it over with now." (Note: that may or may not be an actual quote.)

*Out with the bad, in with the good*

Welcome back, Jack Wilson. Well, other than that error last night...does anybody know if that was his fault of Wigginton's? I'd guess Wigginton, but Jack has made an errant throw or two of late. However, the big picture is Jack's BA rising so far above the Mendoza line (now at .234) that I'm not even afraid he'll drop under it again. After batting only .163 in April, Jack responded with a .260 May. My only real concern with his game is the amount of walks he's drawing. Through his 192 ABs, he's walked only 9 times. Granted, pitchers aren't exactly pitching around him. Especially when he bats second and has Bay right behind him. However, as the guy who's allegedly our #2 hitter, he should be finding other ways to get on base than just getting hits. Did I mention that Jack's been playing pretty solid defense lately? His spirit and energy have been rivaled only by Freddy Sanchez's of late, and that's been a big boost to this team.

Welcome back, Soloman Torres (scroll down a bit.) After having some neck/back problems at the beginning of the year that limited his innings, Torres came back Wednesday night to pitch three strong innings. This team has a number of solid relievers, but Torres has been one of our better multi-inning relievers lately, so I'm glad to see him come back good and strong. The last thing I want to do is trust Brian Meadows to pitch 2 innings in a close game...yikes.

Congratulations, you made it the whole way to the end.



Blogger Rory said...

Actually I think it makes everything a lot easier to read when you make relavent rants in the comment section of the posts they are relevant to.

8:41 PM  
Blogger Zach XOR Jeremy said...

True, but as you can see this had potential to be quite the long rant. Last thing I want to do is hijack your post.

7:29 AM  
Blogger Rory said...

The general rule of thumb I use is that if it adds to the conversations then comment, if you bring up a new point, post. If it's longer then two paragraphs it's probably worth it to post, also. One of my blogging pet peaves though is when somebody builds off something I said in a one paragraph comment on thier own blog.

7:12 PM  

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